Chiropractic Care

Mt Pleasant Chiropractic team delivers chiropractic care, supports wellness, and improves sports recovery times with the latest tech and intelligent therapies previously reserved for the elite.

MyChiroiQ levels the playing field by using cutting-edge technology to offer premier wellness programs to everyday individuals, athletes, and anyone else looking to realize their full potential.

Core Services Offered

Chiropractic Care

More Than Just Back Pain Relief

We understand that chiropractic care isn’t just for back pain — it’s a key component to optimal wellness. With this in mind, our care doesn’t just focus on relief, we help you build the foundation for your journey down the smart path to wellness.

Chiropractic Benefits. Simplified

In scientific terms, chiropractic care through adjustments directly affects the body’s musculoskeletal structure by reducing pain and optimizing joint and muscle motion.

Chiropractic care deals with the neuro-musculoskeletal system of the body. Through the practitioner and innovative technologies, chiropractic care identifies and offers preventions against disorders and injuries related to the nerves, muscles, and bones. Our skilled wellness team works with you to correct these stubborn injuries and health needs.

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top charleston and mt pleasant chiropractor dr jesse ross

Obsessed With Alternative Health & Wellness

Dr. Jesse Ross, founder and practitioner at MyChiroiQ, started his passionate journey into wellness and Chiropractic care after his father’s stunning experience with a Chiropractor. His father, diagnosed with a serious heart condition, was told by his traditional doctor he had only 2 months to live and he should start planning for this fact. Still full of optimism and hope he stumbled into a Chiropractors office that changed his life forever. Dr. Ross’s father lived another 20 years!