Your Wellness Accessed and Accelerated.

Our mission is to help you access all the healing abilities already within your body that have been suppressed from working to their optimum through miss-information and miss-diagnosis of symptoms. We are taught that symptoms are a result of an illness, disease or threat when it’s actually the immune system at work naturally creating a defense against the threat. 

If we misread these symptoms and suppress our own immune system with medication prescribed or through self medication we may end blocking our own immune system from recognizing and activating a defense against the threat which then makes us even more vulnerable than before. 

At MyChiroiQ we actively work with you to relieve your pain, heal, educate and create a plan so you can access the healthiest, most optimum you that will last a lifetime!

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Obsessed With Alternative Health & Wellness

Dr. Jesse Ross, founder and practitioner at MyChiroiQ, started his passionate journey into wellness and Chiropractic care after his father’s stunning experience with a Chiropractor. His father, diagnosed with a serious heart condition, was told by his traditional doctor he had only 2 months to live and he should start planning for this fact. Still full of optimism and hope he stumbled into a Chiropractors office that changed his life forever. Dr. Ross’s father lived another 20 years!

The first video below will introduce you to the “3 Pillars of Health” and what the MyChiroiQ approach to wellness is based on. Then each subsequent video that follows will address each pillar individually to give you a clear understanding of how and why each of these pillars need to be addressed for optimum health. 

Expect The Best In Care

Dr. Ross and the MyChiroiQ wellness team deliver chiropractic care and wellness in a way that dramatically improve recovery times by using the latest tech and intelligent therapies previously reserved for only the elite.

MyChiroiQ levels the playing field by using cutting-edge technology to offer premier wellness programs to everyday individuals, athletes, and anyone else looking to realize their full healing and health potential.

Core Services Offered

Chiropractic Care

More Than Just Back Pain Relief

Chiropractic care isn’t just for back and neck pain — it’s a key component to optimal wellness. With this in mind, our care doesn’t just focus on pain relief, we help you build the foundation and guide your journey down the smartest path to wellness.

Chiropractic Benefits. Simplified

In scientific terms, chiropractic care through adjustments directly affects the body’s musculoskeletal structure by reducing pain and optimizing joint and muscle motion.

Chiropractic care deals with the neuro-musculoskeletal system of the body. Through the practitioner and innovative technologies, chiropractic care identifies and offers preventions against disorders and injuries related to the nerves, muscles, and bones. Our skilled wellness team works with you to correct these stubborn injuries and health needs.

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BioBalance Software and Technology

Rebalance a Happier, Healthy You

As a core piece to smart path to wellness, MyChiroiQ uses this accurate and dynamic software system as we believe it offers detailed wellness reports and solution-based therapies to give our patients simplified wellness plans that can be measured.

The Biofeedback improves wellness for all through generations of innovation. This system generates a list of top health areas and items your body responds to.

Wellness Simplified Through Technology

Using bio-resonance technology, our system generates a personalized wellness overview.

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5-Steps to Simplified Wellness

EFP – Electrical Frequency Pattern

All items in and around the body have a unique energetic signature. This innovative software system has measured and recorded each energetic signature for each of those items. Through the use of electrodes, these electronic signatures are broadcasted into the skin, allowing for a response that the system’s software can measure.

BR – Bio-Resonance

This is a technology used to measure the body’s resistance to electrical frequencies. During a scan, the system passes light electrical frequencies through the skin to measure the body’s reaction to natural energy signatures of health items. The induction of these light electrical frequencies offers a measurable response from the body which is recorded in the software and used to generate a detailed report.

EBR – Energetic Body Response

Bio-Resonance is based on the autonomic nervous system (ANS). This is the body’s main command center, integral to every other area of the body and offers measurable results. These results can be measured through ways such as blood pressure, body temperature, breathing etc. One key area to measure is the resistance to the flow of electrical currents. The Biofeedback software sends databases of frequencies to the body to measure each of their reactions.

EBA – Energetic Balanced Algorithm

The software calculations to the body’s energetic reaction is accurate and thorough. The software uses an intricate algorithm to translate and generate the wellness report. During the scan, the software is operating the algorithm multiple times to measure the body’s energetic reactions.

EWP – Energetic Wellness Report

As the systems software scans, your body will have natural energetic reactions to the energetic signatures. Upon the completion, these reactions are recorded, compiled, and analyzed into an individual report. Using this report, our health professional can recommend the best wellness path through the use of energetic resonance testing (point testing), low light level therapy (often referred to as low-level laser) and nutritional supplements.

A Balanced Approach to Wellness

Understanding The Report 

  • The scan is personalized to each individual. The reactions and needs based on EBR are sorted on the items the body responds the strongest to.
  • The scan has a multi-focused report, but it can be simplified to three core areas referred to as, BEE (Biological, Emotional, Environment).
  • Biological: reactions under this area may influence the body’s physical health and overall wellness.
  • Emotion: reactions under this area may influence optimal mood and well-being
  • Environment: reactions under this area may influence the body’s response to environmental surroundings.

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Integrated Electronics for Optimal Health


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

PEMF helps repair damaged cells, making it among the most advanced injury repair and pain elimination technologies available. Patients have commonly reported healing of injuries, improved sleep, and lasting energy. Our wellness team believes PEMF is the foundational step on the smart path to wellness.

Over a century of Wellness

This therapy is more than 100 years old, and the FDA cleared PEMF for bone growth in 1979 and for post-operative edema and pain in 1987. In 2004, PEMF was cleared as an adjunct to cervical fusion surgery, and in 2011 it was cleared as a treatment for depressed individuals who are unresponsive to medication.

PEMF expanded in popularity in recent years after NASA employed it for retaining and restoring astronaut’s bone and muscle.

Recharge For Wellness

While similar, PEMF should not be grouped with X-ray, tens, or laser therapy, as this would be the equivalent of comparing a flowing stream to a raging natural river.

In traditional approaches, the body is treated using chemicals in most cases. PEMF addresses the health needs of the body by stimulating the cellular membrane since our body’s cells communicate on an electro-magnetic level.

The cells within the body function much like a phone battery. As the energy levels drop within the body’s cells due to lifestyle factors, overall body energy drops.

PEMF therapy allows sluggish cells to activate, open, and operate much like a filter and pump, absorbing fluids and nutrients while filtering out toxins.

This therapy allows the body to make foundational energy, strengthen our cells, and reduce pain in minutes simultaneously while promoting long-term wellness.

Interested in the benefits of PEMF?

MenlaScan Pro

Multi Frequency Segmental Body Composition 3D Analyzer

Multiscan is an innovative measurement and analysis health system. This system provides added value in terms of prevention, counseling, and health care.

The system works based on functional, physiological data measured in a few minutes. The information obtained is processed by software to provide a quick overview about the status of health and cohesion of any possible complaints. The innovative system is used by approved health care professionals such as nutritionists, orthomolecular, osteopaths, physiotherapists, (sports) doctors, (mental) coaches, etc.

The analysis provides an overview of lifestyles areas such as nutrition and supplementation, diabetes, pH and electrolytes, organ functionality, mental and hormonal charts, and sports and exercise.

This system also displays information in certain modules on the cardiovascular level, the autonomic nervous system, etc.

Results are displayed on a screen and are easily interpretable for both the patient and the practitioner in an effort to simplify the path to optimal health.

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FX - 635 Laser

FDA Cleared Robotic Laser

The Smart Path to Relief

This low level laser technology is an FDA market cleared cold laser. It has been proven in clinical tests to effectively treat plantar fasciitis, relieve pain and inflammation, and help patients return to an active life through bio-stimulation.

There are many lasers on the market that promote cellular function and relief, but the FX 635 is our preferred solution since it has been market cleared by the FDA to treat plantar fasciitis.

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