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Your Guide to Natural Neck Pain Relief

Pain can affect every area of your life. It can take away your focus from work or family and can keep you away from the hobbies you enjoy. Then there is the fact that well, it just hurts!

Neck pain can be miserable, and there are many different things that can cause it. A car accident, a desk job, or even texting a lot can cause various forms and severities of neck pain.

It could be a pinched nerve or the result of a major injury. Any pain is serious—because we weren’t meant to live with pain. Neck pain isn’t rare but it’s not normal, and it shouldn’t be put off.

Let’s look at at a few ways that may get you feeling better today.


Natural ways to relieve your neck pain

Instead of reaching for a muscle relaxer or the bottle of inflammatory pills, why not try a natural option. After all, some pharmaceuticals with uncertain side-effects may actually be doing you more harm than good. Here are some natural methods to bring you some relief.


Change up your diet

Inflammation makes the muscles more susceptible to pain and injury. It can also slow down the healing process. When your neck becomes inflamed, it limits your strength, flexibility, and range of motion. An anti-inflammatory diet may help you out tremendously. Avoid food like refined sugars and processed meat and try eating more green vegetables and probiotic foods.


Try ice therapy

If you have tension in your neck from sore muscles, ice therapy can be a great form of relief. The cold will restrict blood flow reducing inflammation and swelling. Wrap the bag of ice in a towel before applying and don’t keep it on the area for more than 20 minutes. People who have poor circulation should consult a doctor before using ice therapy.


Success with essential oils

Many people find using essential oils topically to be very helpful with sore or strained muscles. There are different oils for different types of pain such as peppermint as an anti-inflammatory, lavender for pain and swelling, and sandalwood for tension relief.


Invest in neck support

The kind of pillow you use may be what is causing you pain. A pillow that effectively supports the head is crucial. Look for a firmer foam pillow or one with materials that press back. It is vital to find a pillow that contours to your head, neck, and shoulders, giving effective support.


Fixing the root of the problem

These natural remedies can help you feel better and may manage your symptoms. But, they may not fix the underlying problem. Something is causing these symptoms, and that needs to be addressed by a professional. Chirotherapy may be able to locate the real problem—which may be deeper than you think. A chiropractor can address the root problem—eliminating your symptoms for good.

The neck has one of the body’s most important jobs—holding your head up. Constant weight is placed on the neck, and it is one of the most utilized parts of the body.

The cervical spine is the uppermost part of the spine and is found in the neck. The cervical spine can be affected by constant stress causing misalignment. Misalignment can affect your whole body. Reducing pain long term may mean getting an adjustment on the cervical spine where vertebrae may be out of place causing a pinched nerve.

A chiropractor can adjust the spine back into alignment, eliminating your symptoms and getting you back to functioning at your best.

Don’t live in pain. See what chirotherapy can do for you today.