The 3 Pillars Of Health

Dr. Jess Ross explains the “3 Pillars of Health”

“When starting here with anyone, no matter where they jump in, whatever their symptoms are, it’s really a system of balance. And we have to look at different pillars of your health in order to get you balance the emotional, the physical and the chemical, because when it comes right down to it, we all have to move well, think well and eat well. So everyone that gets into any doctor’s office, all three of these pillars that triune of health must be addressed.

So that’s why we pulled together a formulation of dealing with the emotional, the physical and the chemical that’s highly effective because it is based in physics, equal and opposite reactions. Now, based on what the condition or the symptoms might be, determines where the stress would lie within that triune and that relationship of the emotional, physical and chemical. So based on that event, you may be more stressed in one or the other and we may have to rely on two legs of that triune versus the other, or we may only need to strengthen one leg of that triune.

But the point is this the formula is always true. Emotional, physical and chemical must be adjusted. Now, that doesn’t mean they’re always balanced, but that means you have to know where to put the emphasis and support in order for the healing process to complete.”

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