Stress and Adaption

Dr. Ross Talks Stress and Adaptation.

So imagine when our cells or a tissue experiences a stimulus, once again on the continuum of good and bad stress, your body has to have a reflex. How do you get those reflexes?

Well, you get a little strand of DNA from mom and dad. Let’s say hypothetically, and it happens in nature when mom and dad aren’t here after you’re born. Well, you have to have all types of information throughout your DNA and absolutely every one of your cells.

Imagine your DNA like a holograph. And if you were to drop yourself like a piece of glass that every cell went across the floor. Each piece of this, every cell, would have your DNA and could be replicated back into you again.

So remember, the body records all your experiences so that whenever your nervous system is accessing that cell, it can use the body’s wisdom in order to adapt you to stress.

So whenever our bodies go into the continuum of good and bad stress, the recordings that we receive from mom and dad, let alone your own experience as you continue with life. We’re able to access these lines of information from our lineage and decide what are we going to access.

And one might say, man, this seems like a lot of thought. Remember, it doesn’t happen on our units over time. Your software is not designed by mans units of time. So therefore, what would seem like extremely fast is actually relative to really the software and how it was created. It doesn’t no time like we do. So all of these actions that are going on simultaneously, and if you think about it, when people heal, as we’ve heard like miracles, it’s really adaptation. When the body actually accesses not only the proper information between a brain cell and a tissue cell loop, but also all the other disciplines in life of eating well, moving well and thinking well, then the body’s able to reorganize and achieve homeostasis or balance. It may be at a different level than you started, but it is all about adaptation.

Chiropractic is about increasing that loop for your most optimal expression, your ability to heal at its best.

Remember healing, if you replace the word heal with adaptation, it is literally the same word.

It’s like weather. Weather you have 100% chance of that happening today. What will it look like? That’s the variability. Health is no different. 100% chance today. What will it look like for you? That is what you have control over.