“People Should Ask Their Doctors More Questions.”

Dr. Ross Explains The Importance Of Asking Your Doctor More Questions.

On a linear level, people should ask their doctors more questions. If you’re my patient, you get this every day you come in.

So it’s really about self educating and not educating from Google/medical sources but using common sense in interpreting biology and something as simple as making the observations we do in nature or from an animal channel.

I mean, how do all the other species do it without a medical society?

How do we have these little finite blue zones where people live 120, 140, 160 and there’s not one medical doctor around? How does that happen unless biology is actually successful and stress is definitely the catalyst?

It’s not the lack of synthetics in our body. It’s how we respond and interpret stress. And not only that that happens to us, but how do we interpret and respond to how our body responds in stress.

See, we’re actually afraid of our own body. That’s why we scurry and run to take care of something that we’ve been told is not normal outside the bell bell curve and dangerous and scary.

We’ve been told that all these symptoms are bad. But in reality your body has to go into a state of adaptation outside the norm in order to change anything at all, good or bad.