Patient Success- “I’m A Walking Miracle!”

How Did You Learn About Dr. Ross?

I actually heard about Dr. Ross from another chiropractor. He was very interested in teaching me about PEMF technology, but recognized that his own equipment was limited. So he suggested that I visit Dr. Ross’s office in order to experience the most powerful of PEMF technology that’s available.

What Are You Looking To Get help With?

I was diagnosed with stage three esophageal cancer, and I came here to see Dr. Ross to see how PEMF might help me with my situation. So it turns out that it is a complementary modality to the other treatments that I’m currently doing to treat my cancer.

I am a cancer survivor from the past, when I was younger, I was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s Disease and I was actually in hospice care and through a miracle of God, I was healed of that. I knew enough from that experience to know how deadly chemo and radiation was. It did not do the trick for me back then, I knew that it would not do the trick for me now, so I was very eager to explore any other non chemo, non radiation options that were available to me. So when I got diagnosed, I spent quite a bit of time doing research, and through my research I uncovered PEMF and Rife Technology. And those things are what coalesce together and are my current protocol, my primary protocol to treat my cancer.

Rife is a technology that was developed in the 1930s by a scientist doctor, by the name of Dr. Raymond Royal Rife, and it treats cancer using sound frequencies and those sound frequencies at the right level literally obliterate cancer cells, leaving all other cells undamaged.

The Rife Technology is attacking the cells themselves, the cancerous cells themselves and obliterating them, what PEMF is doing that is a complementary modality is it is recharging my electrical system. It is helping with detoxification, it is improving my oxygenation, and simultaneously it is working to destroy the outer membrane of tumors and cancer cells themselves. So that means that all of these modalities together really complement one another and help me get the best outcome for my treatment.

How Have You Been Feeling Since Starting PEMF?

Immediately, I could tell the difference. PEMF has provided me with almost instant relief, I, I have the tumor right here in my chest and because of where the tumor is located, there are surrounding nerve cells. And when the tumor is acting up, it shoots pain all over. However, when I come in for a PEMF treatment, Dr. Jesse and his team, they place the different parts of the PEMF in the right location strategically, and that provides me instant pain relief. I walk out of here pain free and it’s a lasting pain relief. It’s not just a one hour pain relief. It’s lasting.

What Other Services Are helping You Under Dr. Ross?

I get the adjustments, another modality that is being used here that has been very helpful is a laser treatment that I will lay down on a bed and they target lasers into my esophageal region. And what that does is it softens the tissue to prevent it from hardening from the from the tumor. And that has provided me quite a bit of relief.

In fact, I’ve noticed that I actually drove out of here once and I was able to hit some sore song notes in my car as I was singing that I couldn’t hit since I was a teenager. It really loosened up the esophagus so nicely that I was able to sing and I hadn’t been able to in decades. But I also know that it targets the tumor itself. So it provides just another area of attack that helps destroy that tumor and get it out of my body.

How Do You Feel After Your Visits With Dr. Ross?

Every time I come in, I walk out more energized than when I first walked into the door. The PEMF that Dr. Jesse uses on me, it as I mentioned, one of the benefits is oxygenation detoxification. I feel energized. There’s an extra pep in my step when I’m walking out the door. Plus, the environment, the people, it’s so energizing. I’ve made friends here. I look forward to being here and the conversations that I get to enjoy while I’m going through my treatments and the people that I that I have, the new friends that I’ve made, I feel invigorated when I walk out the door.

How Have Things Changed Since You Started with Dr. Ross?

Before I started coming to Dr. Jesse, I was told by a surgeon at Duke University that I would be dead by the end of this month, this is currently July of two thousand and twenty one. I was three months ago, supposed to already be. You know, on a feeding tube, incapable of eating any foods or consuming liquids on my own and by the grace of God answering prayer and bringing me to this facility, this practice, look at me. I am lucid, I am mobile, I’m independent, I’m defying all odds and shattering all expectations. I’m a walking miracle. And so the proof is in the pudding, as they say, I am the living proof that these things do work and for me, this is the answer to a prayer. I prayed to God that he would provide me with a solution. And this is one of the solutions he’s provided me with.

Do You Feel Like The Results You’re Getting Are Giving You Hope?

I believe, that for me, my hope comes from God and my faith is is the strongest part of my success. But I will say this, that. Dr. Jesse is an answer to my prayers, and so this is a part of the hope. This is a part of the confidence. This is a part of the miracle that I am realizing. Dr. Jesse and his team are part of God’s miracle in my life. And when this is all said and done and I am cancer free, I will give no one all glory to God. But I will thank those that had a tremendous, tremendous part. And yes, Dr. Jesse and his team will be among the first people that I throw my arms around and and think with from the bottom of my heart for the role that they played in God’s great plan of miraculously healing me from a terminal diagnosis.

Have You Shared Your Results With A Medical Doctor?

I have not followed up yet with an outside medical doctor, technically right now I am in hospice care and so I’m not really given those kinds of opportunities to visit with doctors for follow up. My expectation is that my swallowing will continue to improve to the point where I no longer feel any pain or discomfort swallowing. At that time, I am fully expecting to graduate from hospice care a second time in my life to walk out of a hospice care situation, which most people would say is impossible. When I do, then I will be able to schedule appointments with doctors and get a follow up PET scan in order to compare the past with the present. And I fully expect that to happen. And I expect my doctors to be baffled to look at me with in astonishment and ask, what did you do? Because we thought you’d be dead by now.

What Do You Think Makes Dr. Ross So Unique?

He is probably the only doctor chiropractor in this area that has the technology that is that he uses. Everyone should have this technology and he is competent, knowledgeable, really a subject matter expert with regard to PEMF and some of these lasers. And that is a unique expertise that he brings to his practice. Also, I am I just love everyone here. Not only as a patient do you want to go to someone who is competent, but you want to go to a place that is caring and not just the doctor himself, which Dr. Jesse is, but his entire team is incredibly welcoming and loving and very caring. So when I walk in. I feel loved. I feel cared about. I believe that they are concerned for my welfare and so that gives me great confidence to come back. I want to come back not just to receive my treatments. I want to come back because I want to see these people that I’ve become so incredibly fond of.

What Do You Think Of The Environment At MyChiroiQ?

This is a unique environment, I really appreciate this environment and again, I’ve seen no other to do this. Dr. Jesse uniquely has designed his treatment facility to be open. And so where in the past I’ve been accustomed to going to a chiropractor and being put in a room quietly and separately and getting my adjustment. And I may see someone in passing in the lobby, but never get to know them, never know anything about them. This open environment is educational because they hear, as I am being treated and as Dr. Jesse is explaining what he’s doing to me. So there is an edification that they benefit from by watching me. Likewise, I benefit from watching them. I learn, as I’m hearing Dr. Jesse explain to them what he is doing and why he’s doing. So my knowledge is increasing my understanding of what chiropractic offers an individual and how the mind set is so important in one’s own healing. That has been a tremendous value to me.

Why Do You Think More People Don’t Seek Out Holistic Care?

That’s a great question, I think the reason why most people don’t seek nontraditional approaches to healing is because, number one, I believe we’ve been conditioned by the medical model to think that doctors are the only experts and therefore people blindly walk into an office and they hear the doctors say, well, this is your problem and here are the pills to fix it. And they’re content to accept that as an answer. It’s not until one failed experience after another that they suddenly realize, wait a second, this isn’t working. I keep going back and back and now I’m taking more medicine than I did before. A lot of people that end up discovering nontraditional approaches to medicine tend to be older because they have discovered it out of desperation and disappointment with the medical model. I believe one of the things that we need to change that is education.

People need to be educated to be their primary health care advocate and to assume some responsibility for their own well-being, investigate what other alternatives there are and then seek them out. I believe that there is a shift happening in the United States of America. Throughout all other countries, these nontraditional approaches aren’t nontraditional. They are traditional accepted approaches. These are these are accepted modalities. You go to the doctor, they will adjust your spine. They will give you natural herbs and remedies.

Here, the medical model is so ingrained that that it’s hard to break free from, but I believe the shift is happening and people’s eyes are being opened more and more to the possibilities and the great results that exceed the results of the medical model.

What Would You Say To Someone That’s Never Tried This Type Of Care?

What I would say to someone who has never experienced the benefits of nontraditional medical approaches is to ask yourself this question based on what your current doctor is offering you. How comfortable are you with that? Are you satisfied with taking a pill, knowing that that pill is actually treating the symptom and not addressing or correcting the problem? If that logic resonates with you, then I would encourage you to at least be open minded and to go to one of these nontraditional doctors like Dr. Jesse, who offers a first complimentary visit. What is it going to hurt you to sit down and tell Dr. Jesse, Dr. Jesse, this is my problem and ask the question, what can you do for me? Hear what he has to say. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it.

But what do you have to lose? You’re not going to be put on medicine that’s going to tear your liver, cause seizures and kidney failure or anything like that. That’s beautiful. It’s a win win situation for sure.

Would You Recommend This Type Of Care To Someone With Heath Issues?

I highly recommend Dr. Ross, his practice and all of his team members here. I wholeheartedly endorse them. They are competent, they are caring, they are ready to listen to what your concerns are. And they are ready and willing and able to tailor a plan around your specific situation.

Don’t walk in here expecting a cookie cutter approach. You will be sat down, you will be listened to, you will be heard. And the plan that is created will be unique to your situation in order to tackle your health care problems. And the outcome is wellness. The outcome is very positive. And I encourage you to come in and give them the chance to prove that to.

Any Final Thoughts Or Words You Would Like To Share?

This is a unique place that offers unique technology and that is delivered by a team that will love you and care about you and seek the best outcome for you. I endorse them. I am thankful for them and so forever changed because of them.