Learn How Healthy You Are Even In A Terminal State

Dr. Ross explains how his father lived 20 years beyond a terminal diagnosis

So my father lived another 20 years, and why is that? Because first off, the master system between brain cell and tissue cell was enhanced. So right off the bat, this perfect software was able to operate and run and heal this body to its best capacity, even permanently damaged.

Next, this chiropractor helped him manage my father’s lifestyle. My father made the choices, but this chiropractor, being the teacher he was, gave him choices to say, hey, Russ, if you behave like this, versus like this, you’re going to have a different outcome.

So he helped catalyze that my father would choose a different path and on that path involved different feelings. That’s right. He retired. He did not have that stress.

And whenever he was around a group of loving people who was nurturing him at home with this terminal disease, it shifted the way that he felt and based on how he feels, started to disperse that stress throughout his body as opposed to the one thing that he was so focused on 10 hours a day for 30 years. So my father learned how to behave differently and his body had to adapt to his behavior.

To break it down, what my father went through was really a life renovation. He changed his behavior and he also changed his structure. Remember, health is a balance between emotional, physical and chemical. Well, my father had to adjust his nutritional input, he had to adjust his physical output, and he certainly had to adjust his mental interpretations of things. All symptoms are all these things simultaneously.

That is your balance. It’s not as hard as you might think. You only need to learn how to read your body. The symptoms are not scary.

As a doctor, I cannot emphasize enough the title itself means to teach. So the work that we do here is actually quite a bit of fun. I love adjusting people. We have technology here that is mind blowing and fun to experience, let alone fun to operate. The most important part we can do is actually relay information that would change your life. It is really about your behavior that brings you in here.

Come here to learn how to interpret your body and know actually how healthy you are at any point, even in a terminal state.

By Dr. Jesse Ross