What Is Chiropractic All About?

Dr. Jesse Ross explains Chiropractic

The most common question I think I’ve received in this 25 years is what is chiropractic all about? And most people would associate that with back pain, headaches, asthma, musculoskeletal issues. The reality is this. It’s really about how well your brain runs your body.

I want you to imagine this. Imagine a brain cell and the tissue cell and there’s a loop of communication, one going to a tissue cell, one going back to a brain cell. So what protects this is the spinal column.

Okay, so think about this. When you’re born, the nervous system is the very first thing to be built and off of it all the organs and the muscles and the bones come off of this this tree like a multiple different types of fruit and it’s the last organ to shut off is your central nervous system. It’s the only organ completely encased in bony armor. What do you think God’s thinking?

When you go to a chiropractor, it’s really about protecting the loop between the brain cell and the tissue cell, because the central nervous system is the master system. It’s the system that runs absolutely every cell in your body. Every blood value, every vital sign.

So when we adjust people, we’re actually trying to free the nerves up in order to increase the communication between brain cell and tissue cell because it’s truly the software that’s in that cell that’s running your body.

I call it software because of this. It’s all replicable. Mom and dad didn’t download the software. They don’t teach you how to operate it, but it’s replicable in absolutely all species. So remember, when your body is running functions, it if it’s run by the software that you were born with, it’s run by perfect software.

How do we know that? Every species has been through millions and millions of cycles. Don’t you think of the software had a couple of glitches in that at least one species will drop off?

So when we are adjusting your spine, we are enhancing the communication of something that’s been tried through millions and millions of cycles of development. Constantly learning, constantly adapting and recording into your DNA.

The cell does not think. OK. But there’s a recording of all that, you know, in it. The nerves are in real time reading how this cell is actually behaving. OK, so based on how this cell is experiencing stress, good and bad on the continuum, this nerve will read that signal and send a signal to the brain. The master system, its response to this type of good or bad stress will alter that DNA for that cellular action.

One example that is this, I guess in smile lines, I behave a certain way in which I smile a lot. I’m an optical optimist. So that behavior has developed certain patterns that my body has developed in my tissues. The same thing can be true with heart disease, with cancer, even with allergies.

You see all of these things that we’ve been labeling and treating as the end result are actually neurological programs that were designed to protect us.

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By Dr. Jesse Ross