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5 Reasons Why Athletes Rely on Chiropractic Care

Why Many Athletes Get Adjusted Regularly…

Did you know that approximately 90 percent of the world’s most talented athletes use chiropractic care to increase their performance potential while decreasing the chance of injury? – All American Healthcare

Most people assume that a visit to the chiropractor means they are looking to fix something wrong with their neck or back.

However, chiropractors are trained to treat all types of injuries, especially sports injuries, such as soft tissue strains and subluxations that can drastically impede an athlete’s performance.

Here are 5 reasons why many athletes rely on chiropractic care to help them restore and maintain health.

#1 – Increased Movement and Range of Motion

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According to the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, individuals who were actively seeing a chiropractor experienced a 10 percent increase in movement and response time compared to those who did not.

Movement and response time is everything for many athletes who rely on their quick reflexes and decision making to perform to the best of their ability.

Chiropractic adjustments promote proper alignment of the spine that helps the rest of your body perform how it’s supposed to. As an athlete, this means that you’ll move more easily with increased mobility.

#2 – Faster Healing Process and Relief From Pain

Because of the high-intensity nature of most sports, athletes tend to be more prone to injuries ranging from small nicks and bruises to more profound ones such as ligament strains and concussions.

Athletes also experience subluxations which can cause misalignment in the body and slow down the healing process.

Because the spine contains many pain-sensitive tissues, if there’s abnormal alignment it can cause stress and strain on muscles, nerves, discs and ligaments.

Chiropractic adjustments restore function to the body and nervous system, helping athletes transition from injury to health.

#3 – Drug-Free, Holistic Treatment

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Just because you’re an athlete and have sustained injury doesn’t always mean that drugs and surgery should be part of the treatment plan.

Chiropractic care is 100 percent natural and free from prescription drugs that can have adverse side effects on your mind and body.

Most chiropractors also offer services such as cold laser therapy and body-brain balancer that compliment adjustments for a better results.

#4 – Improved Strength

Your nervous system controls the signals that are sent and received to all parts of your body. If it’s not operating at its highest level, neither is your body.

Lower function means less strength, and for athletes, strength is a big part of the game!

#5 – Better Balance

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Chiropractic care restores balance to your entire body through correcting subluxations and other disturbances, allowing neurons to properly transmit the messages sent from the brain to the body and back to the brain.

Balance is a key component for athletes to perform at peak levels, which is why many get chiropractic adjustments on the regular.

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